UNICEF Children in Crisis Ukraine

Shells. Landmines. Shrapnel. For almost eight years, fear has filled the lives of children in eastern Ukraine. Now, with an escalating conflict, children are more scared than ever.

Like many children, sisters Katia, 7, and Daryna, 9, live in eastern Ukraine, along the so-called contact line which divides government- and non-government-controlled areas. Growing up there means they haven’t really had a chance to worry about the things that a lot of children their age would. With their families, they’ve had other things on their minds — like where they might have to evacuate to.

“If we had to leave, I’d take what I needed — my teddy bear, food and my family,” Daryna says. “I won’t go anywhere without my family.”

Daryna and Katia have grown up knowing nothing but conflict. Their fears are justified. Earlier this month, a local school was attacked.

“When they fired, our curtains began to flap,” says Daryna. “Katia was scared. Then we found out on the internet that one person was injured and that the school was hit.”

For years now, hundreds of thousands of children living along the contact line have had to deal with the stress and uncertainty of needing to be ready to flee with their families at a moment’s notice.

Nastia, 16, below, says she has recently been discussing with her family what they should do if there’s an attack. “We have a cellar near the house where we can hide if they shoot,” says Nastia. “But I don’t really want the shelling to happen again, because it’s really scary. You don’t know where the shell will fall, where to hide.”

Every day, more than half a million children live, study and play in one of the most mine-contaminated areas in the world. Homes, schools, hospitals and crucial water and sanitation facilities have regularly come under attack.

This protracted crisis has already had a devastating effect on the psychological well-being of children. Now, unless the fighting subsides, many more families could be displaced, and thousands more children will be forced to make decisions that no child should have to make.

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“Dimitra Ice Skates” – An Inspirational Storybook

“Dimitra Ice Skates” is a short children’s book for early readers ages 5-11 years old. Dimitra Korri (author) is working with Kalliopi Mavromati (illustrator). The storybook includes full page color illustrations and activity pages to help inspire kids to stay fit, stay motivated, eat healthy, and dream big.

“Dimitra Ice Skates” can be ordered in English or Greek and will be available in print and/or digital download. All donations of $15 will receive a digital download of the book. All donations of $30 will receive a print & digital copy of the book. All donations of $50 will receive a signed print and digital copy of the book as well as a handwritten message and signed “Dimitra Korri” athlete post card.

Dimitra is the 4x Greek National Figure Skating Champion. She is also the 2021 Skate Helena Bronze Medalist, the 2018 Balkan Games Bronze Medalist, 2018 EduSport Trophy Silver Medalist and the 2017 Coppa Europa Silver Medalist. She is a brand ambassador for Edea Skates and John Wilson Blades. In her spare time she loves using her artistic talents to raise money for charity.

A portion of all the proceeds will be going towards the Greek children’s charity “Xamogelo Tou Paidiou” (The Smile of the Child).

Learn more about Dimitra at her Official Website!

Honoring the Life of Maria Psihogios

Maria Psyhogios was diagnosed with ALS in July of 2020. It’s her family’s mission to raise awareness and give back to others suffering from this disease. Compassionate Care ALS, a nonprofit organization, brought Maria and her family a lot of support and equipment during their journey. They are forever grateful to them.

Support Ecogenia – Say YES to Climate Action

This year, in the lead up to the famous “OXI” (No) Day, Ecogenia invites Greeks to once again unite their voices in saying no to continuing as is – no to resignation around climate change, unemployment, and brain drain. Echoing the spirit of resilience that the nation showcased throughout the Greek Resistance to the Axis occupation in Europe, our campaign reverses the narrative by turning Oxi into a loud and bold YES!

  • YES to climate action and sustainable development.
  • YES to facilitating employment opportunities for all.
  • YES to retaining and further elevating Greece’s eager talent.
  • YES to civic engagement as a catalyst for mobilizing young Greeks to achieve these goals.

The campaign puts youth at the center of constructing Greece’s sustainable future as the main beneficiaries of Ecogenia’s programming and a catalysing force in driving solutions-oriented community engagement in Greece.

Our goal for this campaign is to raise $10,000 USD. This will help us cover our lingering 2021 costs as we prepare to launch our pilot year. Your support is critical in helping to ensure our foundation is strong for 2022.

Ecogenia’s vision is rooted in the three pillars of people, planet, prosperity. Young Greeks activated through civic service to address national sustainability needs while securing a viable future for themselves and future generations. Our mission is to promote sustainability and climate action through civic service.

Read more about Ecogenia’s vision and mission here.


*Note – the video above has subtitles if you select “CC” i.e. closed captioning.

Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos

Welcome to the Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos 2021 Fall Fundraiser donation page. The MoB Board invites you to be a sponsor of “Celebrating the Holidays in Greece” – a virtual winetasting to be held on November 12 for the benefit of the Philoptochos ministries. Until we can gather in person, let’s raise a glass together virtually!

For more information on this and the many good works the Metropolis Philoptochos and its 42 Chapters accomplish to help those in need explore their website.

The Sponsorship Levels are:

Agape – $1,000 and up
Philotimo – $500 to $999
Pisti – $250 to $499
Philanthropia – $100 to $249
Elpida – up to $100

Once you click the Donate button above, you will see suggested donations or you can enter any amount you desire in the Custom Amount field.

Support Boxing Champ Johnny “The Greek” Birmpilis

After arriving in Toronto, Johnny Birmpilis (5-0-0, 2KOs) has taken the Canadian middleweight division by storm, defeating domestic rivals Larone Whyte (4-3-0, 3KOs) and Justin Blades (3-2-0, 3KOs) to solidify his place in the Canadian fight scene.

Birmpilis fought as an amateur in Greece, entering the punch-for-pay game against Evangelos Chatzis (1-1-0) almost exactly three years ago in Athens.

In 2018, Birmpilis turned his attention abroad, hoping to find more fights in the great white north. In Canada, he hooked up with Lee Baxter Promotions and the rest is history. The Greek prospect has boxed in Toronto and is now in Los Angeles. Keep an eye on him, you’ll be hearing great things from Johnny!

  • Given Name: Ioannis Birmpilis
  • Pro Boxing Record: 6-1-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
  • Nickname: The Greek
  • Current Streak: N/A
  • Age: 29 | Date of Birth: 1992.05.31
  • Last Fight: N/A
  • Weight Class: | Last Weigh-In: N/A
  • Affiliation: N/A
  • Height: N/A | Reach: N/A
  • Career Disclosed Earnings: $0 USD
  • Born: Larissa, Greece
  • Fighting out of: Toronto, Ontario
  • College: N/A
  • Foundation Style: Boxing