Support Boxing Champ Johnny “The Greek” Birmpilis

After arriving in Toronto, Johnny Birmpilis (5-0-0, 2KOs) has taken the Canadian middleweight division by storm, defeating domestic rivals Larone Whyte (4-3-0, 3KOs) and Justin Blades (3-2-0, 3KOs) to solidify his place in the Canadian fight scene.

Birmpilis fought as an amateur in Greece, entering the punch-for-pay game against Evangelos Chatzis (1-1-0) almost exactly three years ago in Athens.

In 2018, Birmpilis turned his attention abroad, hoping to find more fights in the great white north. In Canada, he hooked up with Lee Baxter Promotions and the rest is history. The Greek prospect has boxed in Toronto and is now in Los Angeles. Keep an eye on him, you’ll be hearing great things from Johnny!

  • Given Name: Ioannis Birmpilis
  • Pro Boxing Record: 6-1-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
  • Nickname: The Greek
  • Current Streak: N/A
  • Age: 29 | Date of Birth: 1992.05.31
  • Last Fight: N/A
  • Weight Class: | Last Weigh-In: N/A
  • Affiliation: N/A
  • Height: N/A | Reach: N/A
  • Career Disclosed Earnings: $0 USD
  • Born: Larissa, Greece
  • Fighting out of: Toronto, Ontario
  • College: N/A
  • Foundation Style: Boxing

Supporting Vulnerable Children in Greece

In Greece, where The Smile of the Child‘s 11 Homes & 15 Support Centers are located, about 50% of the pipes are made of asbestos, a material that is now banned as it may cause cancer.

Through the project “aQua4all” we are financing the installation and maintenance of clean, drinking water treatment systems in all homes of The Smile of the Child. The sole purpose of this project is to provide clean, fresh, potable, and hydrogen-rich water to children living in ‘The Smile of the Child’ Homes in Greece.

  • Installation of 18 water treatment systems at the point of use (POU).
  • Maintenance of the water treatment systems for the next two years.
  • Human resources, technician expenses, parts replacement costs.

In 1995 the 10-year old Andreas Yannopoulos wrote in his diary his last wish, to create an Organization for all children to enjoy what he had in abundance in his life; care, safety, love. “If we all come together, we can make it.” In 2021 “The Smile of the Child” celebrates 25 years of continuous service in support of more than 1.700.000 children and their families. Andreas would be proud of the Ripple Effect of his vision, which still inspires thousands of children and adults.

Today the Organization “The Smile of the Child”, is recognized internationally, with a Vision: the Smile of every child. Implementing nationwide, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, non-stop direct and effective actions to prevent from and fight against phenomena threatening children, is what makes their work admirable.

The organization provides its services free-of-charge to every child & family in Greece, engaging in four critical fields, Violence, Health, Disappearance, Poverty; finding children going missing, providing free healthcare access, assisting children facing food insecurity, supporting families in need, setting the entire spectrum of its services and infrastructure at the disposal of public actors and agencies, promoting children’s rights through engagement with international organizations.

In the course of its 25 years of action “The Smile of the Child” has supported more than 1,728,626 children and their families.

In Greece, among others, they currently operate 15 Support Centers, 5 facilities named “The House of the Child” for children victims of any form of violence, and 3 Daycare Homes in different cities all over Greece.

The pandemic has increased the organization’s needs dramatically.

Giving Children Clean Water

18% of Greece’s territory has been highlighted as nitrate pollution risk zones due to run-off contaminants from industrial and agricultural uses that end up in tap water.

Through the project “aQua4all” we are financing the installation and maintenance of clean, drinking water treatment systems in all homes of ‘SOS Children’s Villages’. The sole purpose of this project is to provide clean, fresh, potable, and hydrogen-rich water to children living in the SOS Children’s Villages in Greece.

  • Installation of 42 water treatment systems at the point of use (POU).
  • 150 bath water treatment systems, in Athens, Thessaloniki, Thrace, and Crete.
  • Maintenance of the water treatment systems for the next two years.
  • Human resources, technician expenses, parts replacement costs.

SOS Children’s Villages is an international non-governmental organization active in 136 countries and territories around the world. It has been founded by Hermann Gmeiner in Tyrol, Austria, in 1949. With the generous support of donors, child sponsors, partners, and friends SOS Children’s Villages are helping hundreds of thousands of children each year through alternative care, family strengthening, schools, health centers, and other community-based work.

In Greece SOS Children’s Villages has been operating since 1975 and currently operates 4 SOS Children’s Villages, 2 Youth Houses, 2 SOS Babies Homes, Social Centers, and 6 Learning and Education Centers.


Philoxenia House Boston

The Philoxenia House, founded in 1986, is the centerpiece of the Philanthropic Ministry of the Metropolis of Boston.

The Philoxenia House opens its embrace to people who find themselves in Boston for medical reasons. The Resident Guests travel from throughout the world to this “home away from home” primarily from Greece and Cyprus, but also from Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Albania, as well as America. The common language of the Philoxenia House is the language of love, understanding, kindness and compassion. Patients are infants, children, young adults, senior citizens and everyone in between. They are premature babies who are blind, adults and youngsters suffering from cancer, transplant patients, and burn victims.

Thanks to the very generous support of the donors, volunteers, and visitors from our local parishes, such as Ladies Philoptochos Societies, GOYA groups and national charitable organizations the Philoxenia House is able to continue opening its embrace to those in need.

My People Documentary Fundraiser

The story of the Greek Jews during the Holocaust, the Axis occupation, the resistance, the role of the Christian clergy; a hymn to love and courage as it is discovered by a young woman in her quest to uncover her Greek Jewish family’s history.

Wines of Crete Documentary

Born and raised on the island, I always had a passion for culture, history, and the traditions of Crete. But what’s a passion if it’s not shared? I wanted to share a piece of Crete with you, that is why I embarked on this journey of documentary film making.

I went to Crete this summer, under very difficult travel conditions and interviewed 11 winemakers, discovered fascinating grape varieties, tasted mouthwatering wines and now creating a documentary for the wine lovers in the U.S and Australia. I have already invested $13,700 and now I am looking for help raising funds for the post production editing and film festivals submission fees.

Support Margo Wine Routes

Ourania “Margo” Margomenou had an epiphany: her life’s path should be devoted in bringing together the wine adventurists, the travelers with a knack for authentic experiences, closer to the people who cultivate and “vini cultivate” the Greek earth.

In order to create a bottle of good wine, one must start with good soil – same ingredient for ‘planting’ the idea to create the wine routes: Her extensive journey in the wine world (rich bedding) along with the urge to explore, discover and analyze the beginnings of things (roots). Add the need to communicate and interact with like-minded people and share the love of quality wine and food, (blossoming branches): Margo wine routes travel agency was created.

The name “wine routes” has a double meaning: the word “routes” has the same pronunciation with the word “roots”. A journey to our roots, how wine routes brings us closer to our roots (through history). Finding the way to combine these two was essentially the beginning of Margo wine routes.

Visit her site for more info >

Help Grow Greekazon

We are building the first and only Greek shopping app. This app will revolutionize how Greek products are bought and sold in the USA and will allow any person to bring their product to market. Help us launch the Greek “Amazon” and receive free shipping on your first order for any donation!