My People Documentary Fundraiser

The story of the Greek Jews during the Holocaust, the Axis occupation, the resistance, the role of the Christian clergy; a hymn to love and courage as it is discovered by a young woman in her quest to uncover her Greek Jewish family’s history.

Wines of Crete Documentary

Born and raised on the island, I always had a passion for culture, history, and the traditions of Crete. But what’s a passion if it’s not shared? I wanted to share a piece of Crete with you, that is why I embarked on this journey of documentary film making.

I went to Crete this summer, under very difficult travel conditions and interviewed 11 winemakers, discovered fascinating grape varieties, tasted mouthwatering wines and now creating a documentary for the wine lovers in the U.S and Australia. I have already invested $13,700 and now I am looking for help raising funds for the post production editing and film festivals submission fees.

Support Margo Wine Routes

Ourania “Margo” Margomenou had an epiphany: her life’s path should be devoted in bringing together the wine adventurists, the travelers with a knack for authentic experiences, closer to the people who cultivate and “vini cultivate” the Greek earth.

In order to create a bottle of good wine, one must start with good soil – same ingredient for ‘planting’ the idea to create the wine routes: Her extensive journey in the wine world (rich bedding) along with the urge to explore, discover and analyze the beginnings of things (roots). Add the need to communicate and interact with like-minded people and share the love of quality wine and food, (blossoming branches): Margo wine routes travel agency was created.

The name “wine routes” has a double meaning: the word “routes” has the same pronunciation with the word “roots”. A journey to our roots, how wine routes brings us closer to our roots (through history). Finding the way to combine these two was essentially the beginning of Margo wine routes.

Visit her site for more info >

Help Grow Greekazon

We are building the first and only Greek shopping app. This app will revolutionize how Greek products are bought and sold in the USA and will allow any person to bring their product to market. Help us launch the Greek “Amazon” and receive free shipping on your first order for any donation!

Support Greek Wine Club & Receive Greek Wine

Greek wine and wine making is as ancient as the columns that line the Parthenon. Archaeologists have uncovered wine making artifacts from Greece that date as far back as 1600 BC, as the area played an enormous role in wine trade. We can even credit the Greeks with establishing an appellation system to ensure quality and place of origin.

Today’s Greek winemakers, with a nod to antiquity, are working to bring Greek wine back into vogue. Updated wine making technology blended with the nation’s 300 indigenous grape varieties (some of them ancient) has done much to elevate the modern-day perception of Greek viticulture. The Greek climate is also a winning combination: ample sun, minimal rainfall and abundant poor soil set the stage for some serious grape growing.

Greek wine appears to have it all – history, climate and uniqueness. And now it has one more thing: delivery to your door! Browse the collection >

Support the Greek Sisters Site & App

Help us keep our labor of love going! is made up of sisters Caroline and Joanna as well as their brother Ari. The girls are the heart and soul of the site while Ari is the technical brains behind the scenes. Coming from a close knit family, they enjoy working together as well as arguing with each other. If we ever stream our creative process online, you’ll have one heck of a reality show! But for now, browse our site and become part of the family!

We’re Greek. Young and old. Near and far. We are scientists and philosophers, painters and poets, inventors and entrepreneurs. We are thinkers and doers. We are movers and shakers. But most importantly, we’re Greek.

Our mothers taught us, never go to someone’s home empty handed. Don’t visit empty handed either. Bring your ideas, your energy, your creativity and your “kefi”. Network. Socialize. Cook together. Dance together. Laugh together. Imagine together. Create together. Help one another. Make the world better. Together.

Share a piece of you with people who understand what makes you YOU. And know a little piece of Greece is always only a click away.

Welcome to Welcome home.

Become Part of iLoveSantorini

The app will be aimed at anyone visiting Santorini. Users will be able to discover cool places around them no matter where they are. They can see if any members are nearby. They can receive amazing deals & discounts at businesses near them or anywhere around the island. By using the users’ location, we can connect them to their immediate surroundings or guide them across the island with ease. They can discover places and learn about them before going. Looking for a casual restaurant that accepts credit cards? Find the closest spot to where you are at any moment. Looking for a great view without the crowds, find an intimate table anywhere on the island.

Our deals & discounts section will allow businesses to offer any deal or discount to attract more and more customers. The business receives new or repeat customers, but more importantly the users have many choices to save a little bit of money on their trip! They can see what deals are nearby or head to any establishment on the island to redeem.

Our geolocation feature creates amazing new opportunities for our users. They can see other users nearby or across the island, see what’s lively and crowded or what is quiet and intimate and make their decisions on where to go. The messenger can be used in many ways, from getting advice from other travelers, or even as an ice breaker for new friends or singles. Imagine being able to arrive on the island and having an entire community of users a few taps away. Like a neighbor asking for a recommendation or an emergency arising and being able to ask fellow users for info or help the possibilities are truly endless. And for users looking to meet new friends or even romantic interests, there couldn’t be an easier way than the app.