Supporting Vulnerable Children in Greece

Supporting vulnerable children living in ‘The Smile of the Child’ houses in Greece.
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About the Campaign

In Greece, where The Smile of the Child‘s 11 Homes & 15 Support Centers are located, about 50% of the pipes are made of asbestos, a material that is now banned as it may cause cancer.

Through the project “aQua4all” we are financing the installation and maintenance of clean, drinking water treatment systems in all homes of The Smile of the Child. The sole purpose of this project is to provide clean, fresh, potable, and hydrogen-rich water to children living in ‘The Smile of the Child’ Homes in Greece.

  • Installation of 18 water treatment systems at the point of use (POU).
  • Maintenance of the water treatment systems for the next two years.
  • Human resources, technician expenses, parts replacement costs.

In 1995 the 10-year old Andreas Yannopoulos wrote in his diary his last wish, to create an Organization for all children to enjoy what he had in abundance in his life; care, safety, love. “If we all come together, we can make it.” In 2021 “The Smile of the Child” celebrates 25 years of continuous service in support of more than 1.700.000 children and their families. Andreas would be proud of the Ripple Effect of his vision, which still inspires thousands of children and adults.

Today the Organization “The Smile of the Child”, is recognized internationally, with a Vision: the Smile of every child. Implementing nationwide, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, non-stop direct and effective actions to prevent from and fight against phenomena threatening children, is what makes their work admirable.

The organization provides its services free-of-charge to every child & family in Greece, engaging in four critical fields, Violence, Health, Disappearance, Poverty; finding children going missing, providing free healthcare access, assisting children facing food insecurity, supporting families in need, setting the entire spectrum of its services and infrastructure at the disposal of public actors and agencies, promoting children’s rights through engagement with international organizations.

In the course of its 25 years of action “The Smile of the Child” has supported more than 1,728,626 children and their families.

In Greece, among others, they currently operate 15 Support Centers, 5 facilities named “The House of the Child” for children victims of any form of violence, and 3 Daycare Homes in different cities all over Greece.

The pandemic has increased the organization’s needs dramatically.

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